"He's Having a Baby" is a story of marriage, a strong one.

​Molly Rose Kaufman, The Sun

Cosmin Chivu directs Kaplan in a performance that is filled with humor and fun.

​Cindy Pierre, New Theater Corps

'Director Cosmin Chivu leads an 18-person cast in fully realizing Williams' vision, with a special attention to small details'

Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

In the News


'Chivu amps up the theatricality with a Greek chorus of seedy NOLA denizens, and lots and lots of terrific original music.'

Chelsea Now

'Now director Cosmin Chivu, already known for reviving the playwright’s problematic Something Cloudy, Something Clear, has resurrected it with stellar help from a pair of cult stars 
​and jazzman Jesse Selengut.'

Raven Snook, Time Out New York
Rather than emphasize Ionesco’s droll wordplay or slapstick comedy, director Cosmin Chivu fashioned a darker, ominous show both foreboding and somber. The result was fascinating

​Ken Jaworowski, OOBR

TV Romania International:
The World and Us; a Romanian artist
Teaching & Directing ​in New York City


​​Gambit: Mink Stole and Donna Duplantier were delights...

​​​​​​​Pelicanbomb: A Partial Guide to Camp...

An Interview with Cosmin Chivu ​about ​The Mutilated

'One might expect director Cosmin Chivu’s version to be a camp fest, but this adaptation ends up taking things fairly seriously.'

​twi-ny blog
The L Magazine: 
Shedding Light on Late Tennessee Williams
'Director Cosmin Chivu really showcases a great ability to diversify the use of set pieces, props and even his cast.'

​Michael Lockley, nytheatre.com

It really is the stellar work by everyone involved, under the inspired direction of Cosmin Chivu, that raises The Mutilated to a high level of pleasure and accessibility for an audience and makes it a must-see for admirers of Tennessee Williams.

Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway

This is due to the advocacy of director Cosmin Chivu, Mink Stole, Penny Arcade and their legions of downtown admirers.  

Bob Schuman, Stage Voices

'The Mutilated, a 90 minute one-act play, now being given its first major local revival in 38 years in a rollicking, rowdy production by Cosmin Chivu is a great deal of fun.'

Victor Gluck, Theater Scene

'Under the fine direction of Cosmin Chivu at the New Ohio Theater, "The Mutilated" resonates with familiar Tennessee tropes and showcases these over-the-top performers in a New Orleans demimonde, imaginatively on the same streetcar line as the Wingfields' in Glass Menagerie.'

​Regina Weinreich, The Huffington Post

'That entire production by Interart Group – which moves back and forth in time and reality – is powerful and riveting. 
Kathi Scrizzi Driscoll, Cape Code Times

'Revived under Cosmin Chivu’s direction, it was performed at Gifford House Inn, where the audience was moved about, following the action from backyard, to porch, to a downstairs barroom. The production was nothing short of brilliant.'

Robert Israel, Edge

'Director Cosmin Chivu conceived a sensational production that feels like a mix tween Cabaret and Once. Chivu's staging and the inspired set design by Anka Lupes transport you to New Orleans and immerse you in the action'

Perez Hilton, perezhilton.com

TCG Circle
​Artist, Immigrant: Cosmin Chivu
Formula As: 
​Tineri romani pe orbita internationala

Chivu, a New York-based, Roumanian-born theater artist (...) has taken Williams at his word(s). What he has achieved is wondrous, especially with a play that was initially largely reviled by the critics.

Simon Saltzman, Curtain Up

​Hitting His Mark

Cosmin Chivu followed the lead Williams provided with his script and, instead of searching for naturalism in the slight plot, used the work as an opportunity to experiment with tone and genre.

Beck Feibelman, The Clyde Fitch Report

'My fears that this would prove to be an unprofitable bit of stunt casting quickly evaporated once the director Cosmin Chivu’s production roared into life, with the happily tooting horns of a live Dixieland jazz band.' 

Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

​​​​​Theatermania:  Rare 1982 Tennessee Williams One-Acts to Receive New York Premieres

Playbill: Rare works by Tennessee Williams to be revived Off Broadway...

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BroadwayWorld.com, August 2015/ New John Guare Play to Debut at Tennessee Williams Theater Festival in Provincetown


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